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BMA National Conference


The Business Marketers Association (BMA) wanted to up their game at their National Conference.


To generate maximum interest and participation, I spearheaded an interactive microsite project that engaged the target audience pre-, at-, and post-event.  


In fact, throughout the Conference, participants from over 30 ountries were interacting with the 600 onsite attendees, essentially tripling attendance.


This program was awarded “Best Microsite Event” of the year (2010) by Event Marketer Magazine.


BTW, we were so successful, Twitter kept capping our feed - they thought we were robots.

BMA National Conference


This time, BMA was looking for a fun way to open their meeting.  Since the theme was "IGNITE!" I suggested a Chicago Fire theme.


I subsequently wrote this video script, worked with REAL Chicago Firefighters, directed the video shoot, and guided the edit.


The results were great.  This video lead into a live sequence onstage at the Conference, with two helmeted firefighters breaking into room,  to be later revealed as the opening speakers and hosts.


It was very effective, and a lot of fun.



This is an example of a start-up that needed help bringing a rather dry message to life.


Exogen specialized in medical data warehousing and access.  


Yes, I know.


However, I created and drove a campaign using nautical themes, built around the concept of helping clients navigate the rough waters of accessing medical data. (it actually IS pretty difficult terrain).  We carried this concept through print ads, brochures, as well as their presence at industry events.

Cambium Networks


Cambium Networks needed a campaigm that engaged their entire target audience around the world.


I was the lead Account Executive for their live industry event, including the creation of multiple versions of an email campaign that invited their target audience(s) to attend this roll-out event in-person, or via a webcast.  (We also produced the webcast).


I include this because email remains an effective tool, in many cases, to connect with the desired audience.

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