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Illinois Lottery

Responsible Gaming Initiative


Part of my role at Northstar Lottery Group was to help create releases that supported their Responsible Gaming Initiaitve.


This piece is one of several that urged players to make sure that their lottery pools operated responsibly - no underage players, etc. - as well as effectively.

BMA National Conference


If you've been in advertising or marketing for any length of time, you have probably come across this iconic print piece.


I was tasked to work with Slack Barshinger to bring this ad to life onstage at the BMA Conference in 2009.


And ... welll ... we did, and it was a BIG hit.  The Youtube hits since then have been incredible.

This was my first project for BMA, and since then I've partnered with them on many more.





The video to the left pretty much explains the whole program.


This is an example of .. dare I say it ... hundreds of programs I've developed over the years for clients across multuiple vertical markets.


Sikorsky Helicopter is an industry leader, and everyone in their industry looks to them to set the tone when it comes to their marketing programs, especially their programs at HeliExpo.


This project was extremely successful and was remounted multiple times.  I wrote it, managed it, and worked with my team of Producers to make it happen.

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