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Clinicians at medical congresses attend hours of scientific sessions and read dozens of poster presentations. Actelion wanted to engage surgeons on the expo floor in a more personal way. I created and spearheaded a cause marketing activity that created a strong emotional connection with the audience.

Doctors used a custom touchscreen app to scan one of their hands and trigger a donation to support research in their chosen field of medicine. Signing the hand scan enlisted physicians in the cause and demonstrated their commitment to advancing innovation in patient care.

The personalized hand scan was sent to a digital Commitment to Caring Quilt on a beautiful,  curved  LED wall.

Major Pharma Company


Connecting with Patients

A major pharmaceutical company wanted to re-balance the focus of its trade show exhibit, placing less emphasis on product data and a greater emphasis on the patient. I created a real-time Augmented Reality (AR) activity to create a memorable experience.

Pointing an iPad at a marker on a life-size human figure triggered a hidden story unique to that patient.

After each story was revealed, on screen prompts allowed HCPs to explore evidence, outcomes, onboarding and more.

The patient-centric nature of the engagement appealed to the HCPs’ mission-driven personalities and enabled organic interaction with the sales reps to strengthen relationships.

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Increase Dwell Time


With nine new products launching at AACC, Sysmex wanted to attract more attendees to their booth than ever before, and to increase visitor dwell time as well. I devised a Pull-Through strategy that delivered both.

Professional Engagers greeted attendees, scanned badges and provided visitors with Sysmex branded RFID bracelets.


Each bracelet linked to the participant’s badge scan profile.

Additional Engagers guided attendees to visit product stations that interested them.  Each visit, they learned, triggered a donation to the AACC Global Health Outreach. Donations were progressive, so each visit increased the donation value.

After attendees visited a predetermined # of stations, they earned a chance to play a hosted, interactive game. This reinforced the product strategy behind the new solutions and created a competitive vibe in the booth.

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